Someone Stole My Tire…

Scratch that.  They stole my entire wheel.  The kids and I were running a little behind this morning so when I unlocked the car, I was one track minded – get the kids to school on time –and  we just jumped in to go.  As I throw the car into reverse, I’m not going anywhere.  I put it back in park thinking maybe I was moving too fast and didn’t do it right (I really have no idea why that was a thought) then I checked my emergency break but that wasn’t on then I noticed a tenant walking up to my window.  He doesn’t speak much English so when he said something about a flat tire, I jumped out to take a look and IT. WAS. GONE.  As I could feel the stress circulating through my body, he offered to take my kids and I to school.  His kindness immediately displaced my anxiety.  (We also made it on time with about forty-five seconds before the bell rang which also made me happy.)

Next came work mode.  Next came coffee.  I had two choices – stress out about how this has completely set back my day with all the things I needed to do, the money I now have to spend on a new wheel/tire, and how sometimes people suck OR I could make my coffee and breakfast and just enjoy it in the calm of my kidless home knowing that all that needed to be done will get taken care of.  I chose coffee.  I chose me.  I chose to not let this stress me out and wreak havoc in me emotionally or physically.

So many times, SO many times, I choose stress.  I refuse to say I can’t help it and play victim because the fact is I can help it.  I can choose to not stress about these things.  And when given the choice, you make the same one over and over and over, it just becomes easy and almost instinctive.  It’s a habit that needs to be broken.  Today I chose better.  Today I chose me.  I know it won’t always be easy.  I know I will make the mistake of choosing stress sometimes in the future.  It’s relearning a new way of thinking and responding.  Sometimes, the hard decisions lead to a better outcome.  The best things in life are worth fighting for.  So today, I challenge you to say no stress.  No matter how small or great the situation is in front you, choose peace in the middle of the storm.  Your body will thank you for it 😉


In case you were wondering… I had several people so willing to help and I am so grateful.  My stepdad got me a new wheel (and locks) and changed it for me before I had to pick up my kids from school.  Hooray!

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